Success stories


Milligan is an investment fund specialized in retail development.

Zubiarte is a strategic aquisition because it is a high quality asset in a great location
within a strong business and industrial city and a wealthy region in Spain.

Xaby Alemany Milligan’s Asset Mgmt. Director in Spain


Primark is an Irish clothing retailer with products ranging from newborn kids clothing to women and menswear, home ware, beauty products and confectionery.

Primark opened its first store in Ballonti, a shopping mall situated in the metropolitan area of Bilbao back in 2008. The retailer is preparing the launch of a new six-storey Primark flagship store in Bilbao. It will be the second largest Primark store only second to the one opened in Madrid in October


Schneider is a French company dedicated to develop connected technologies and solutions to manage energy.

Schneider has a long tradition in the area, and has several industrial companies and R+D centres.

It is essential for us, not only to reinforce the industrial presence of our company here, but to face the challenge of long-run sustainability and energy efficiency. We greatly appreciate the pool of talent and the human resources of the Basque Country.

Patric Gaonach President Schneider Electric Iberia


Ve is a British e-commerce company, dedicated to optimizing transactional capabilities by tracking abandoned online transactions.

The move into Bilbao is a reflection of both the huge pool of talent in the area and the relative skills shortage in London. Our initial thaught was to open a development centre in London, however, there simply aren’t enough skilled staff currently available to fill the roles we needed quickly. The problem is that universities aren’t producing enough relevantly skilled students to meet the demand of the UK’s tech sector and a great deal of talent is being drained by the financial sector.

David J. Brown Co-founder & CEO


Veolia is a French company dedicated to water management, waste management and energy services.

Veolia has been present in Bilbao for more than 15 years. 

The Bilbao Hubgrade has 6 monitoring stations and a video wall that enables constant hypervision of each connected installation. In total, more than 300 experts – auditors, analysts and technicians in energy efficiency – control and monitor, in real time, the energy installations run by Veolia in Spain.


ZTE is China’s largest listed telecom. equipment and network solutions company.

ZTE sets up its Southern European operations center in Bilbao.

ZTE has created a company based in Bilbao, in the Basque Country, in which it holds 100% of the share capital.

This company will in fact become its operations center in Southern Europe for operating and maintaining networks.