10 reasons to invest in Bilbao


Strategic location in the “Atlantic axis”

Bilbao ́s centrality in the so called “Atlantic axis” of the European Union and its European orientation make of Bilbao a reference focus for the stablishment of solid relations with Europe.


Excellent internal and external connectivity

Bilbao is a global and interconnected city that grants excellent external accessibility grace to one of the most important airports from the north of Spain and a modern Port.


Centre of the economic activity of one of the most competitive European regions: Basque Country

The Basque economy, grace to its industrial and business tissue, has been able to position itself as one of the most competitive, innovative and productive regions of Europe.


Attractive business environment

Bilbao has a wide range of infrastructures which are able to offer to companies an environment that facilitates the generation of business. The conjunction in its territorial environment close to high-tech companies and the highqualified labour force allows the development of advanced services and knowledge economy.


High quality of life

Bilbao is a modern and well balanced city, efficient, welcoming and attractive to live, to work and to visit. People can reconcile their professional and private life, thanks to its attractive cultural and leisure offer.


Legal safety, own tax system and good public governance

Bilbao´s entrepreneurial tradition and its experience along to its willingness to innovate and improve constantly, make of Bilbao a reliable city, in which the efficiency and legal safety of its institutions are an identity mark. The provincial Government of Biscay has its own tax system with regulatory capacity for taxes as well as autonomy for its exaction and collection. Besides, the good governance carried out by the city obtains a high valuation, both from the citizens and for international organizations.



Bilbao is a city with a high-skilled population, in which more than 29% of the population has a university degree. Besides, it has established collaboration agreements with universities with the aim of facilitating the development of new education infrastructures, which allow creating innovation and knowledge poles especially in the fields of: engineering, telecommunications, and health.


Specialized in innovative and high-added value sectors of activity

BBilbao has created the necessary conditions to favour knowledge, innovation and creativity. Therefore, besides strengthening the existing companies, it also attract new ones, especially those related to the emerging and dynamic sectors such as: Art & Creativity; Advanced services; Tourism & Business Conventions; Internet Digital Tech; Eco-technology & Urban solutions; and Health & Applied Technologies..


City-brand that gives value

Bilbao is a city open to the world. Its unique and differentiated city-brand, reinforced by the international impact of Guggenheim Museum, is well positioned internationally and ensures a great reputation for international companies.


A city that looks to the future

Bilbao is a city that along its history has been able to turn problems into opportunities. Over the last 30 years Bilbao has been able to reinvent itself, becoming a reference model for cities all around the world. But the city does not remains still. It continues developing projects to remain competitive in the global scene.