Leaders in Research & Innovation

Bilbao is home to many knowledge-intensive organizations.

-1.99% of GDP, close to the European Union average (2,02) (2013, Basque Government)

-3.3% of the employees in R+D (2014, EUSTAT)

-At the level of high innovation countries in 2015 according to the European Innovation Index IUS.

Knowledge-intensive industries.

  • Automotive industry: 300+ companies, 36k jobs and 14.0mM€+ revenues.
  • Aerospace: 75 companies, 13k jobs, 1.8mM€ revenues.
  • Engineering: 30 companies, 7k jobs, 0.8mM€ revenues.
  • 4 Technology Parks
  • 9 BERCs (Basic and Excellent Research Centres)
  • 7 CIC (Corporate Research Centres)
  • 3 Public Investigation Bodies
  • 2 Technology Corporations
  • 5 Sectorial Centres

Cutting-edge research institutions are based in Biscay.

  • World-class interdisciplinary research centre on Applied Mathematics.
  • Focuses in areas such as computational mathematics; mathematical modelling with multidisciplinary applications, mathematical physics; partial differential equations, control and numerics; data science.
  • Alliance between 9 R&D centres committed to industrial development.
  • It has 1.3k employees, 350 holding a Ph.D.
  • The largest private R+D+i group in Spain with over 1.4k employees, 202 holding a Ph.D.
  • Offers solution in sustainable construction, energy & environment, Innovation strategies, ICT, Health, Industry & transport, Technological services.

Located in parkland belonging to the towns of Zamudio and Derio, and only 10 minutes from the centre of Bilbao, the Bizkaia Technology Park pioneered the idea of concentrating in one area a collection of businesses active in sectors of high value added activity. This 250-hectar environmentally privileged environment is home to leading research centres and technology companies, and offers excellent communication facilities to, for example, Bilbao International Airport.  Modernity demands audacity and a new economic production model based on sectors linked to innovation, research and new technology. Such a commitment helps generate competitiveness in international markets, and this is where the Bizkaia Technology Park has a lot to offer.

Since its creation at the end of the 1980’s, the Park has become a reference for research, development and innovation. This is manifest through the high concentration of innovative companies which allocate over 10% of their investment to R&D+i, and the large community of researchers (over 2,000) from the field of science and technology working in technology centres, university departments and R&D business units. Currently, the park is home to over 200 companies, providing work for around 7,000 people of whom over 45% work in R&D.

The Park is an exponent of a sustainable economy model in which the generation of in-house technology is a key factor in enabling the transition from “made in” to “perceived in”. The end objective is for Basque organisations to have a competitive advantage in global markets, for the commercial and technological balance to swing in their favour in the exchange of goods and services; in short, for these organisations to be able to generate welfare, qualified employment and wealth for society.

Parque Tecnologico Zamudio